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How to Have a Life of Joy


(Keynote or conference session, or can be paired with “Created for Joy” for a retreat or multi-session conference.)


Isn’t it amazing that, as Christians, we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, and yet often we battle even being happy on a day to day basis? Sometimes joy doesn’t come naturally!


Katie reassures women that they can understand experientially what “joy inexpressible and full of glory” is. Take a deep look inside the Bible with her to see how important our steadfast joy is to God’s heart.


Women often feel trapped, bored, anxious, depressed, and frustrated in life; but don’t know how to translate the command “Rejoice Always” (1 Thessalonians 5:16) from head knowledge to daily habit. Is there a biblical way for this to happen?


In this message, women will understand more about how we can cling to joy in any circumstance, as Katie shares from scripture and her own experience ways to grasp and abound in daily joy that’s inexpressible and full of glory.



When a Woman Follows Christ 

Sometimes it seems that the longer a Christian walks with the LORD, the more they wonder if maybe they are missing the goal. They struggle with feeling like they are not making it, like their life doesn’t count. Maybe they even ask themselves, “I’m I doing okay? Would others in my position succeed where I am failing? Is there something more remarkable that I should be doing? Something that would really make me a good Christian?” Maybe you’ve felt this way too?


Once a woman has committed her life to Jesus, she begins to desire her life to count for eternity. Often believers long to be “sold out, on fire, radical.”


But even when women strive to just fulfill their duties as a wife, mother, friend, daughter, etc., they can feel exhausted with the struggle to live a life that is both holy and filled with grace, fully devoted to Christ and yet filled with daily struggles and responsibilities.


In this message, Katie helps women see how they can serve God with contentment and joy in exactly the place they already stand. She reminds women to look at God’s sovereignty in their life and trust that His plan for them is beautiful. Even when they may feel inadequate, God knows what He is doing and He always finishes what He starts.



Created for Joy 

We all want joy in our lives. And as Christians, we have an invitation to experience inexpressible joy every day. The Christian life is described as a life of joy, and yet how many women really get to abound in the joy of the Lord? Instead, we are all too familiar with pain and difficulty and suffering. We want joy, but life has too many demands. Yet we still thirst to experience the abundant life that Jesus promised. The good news is that God’s will is for you to be filled with His joy and experience His life. In this message, you will learn how joy is influenced by good news and how the spiritual, unseen good news of knowing and loving Jesus can result in an abundance of the joy of the Lord.


Regardless of what is happening in your life, you can experience the inexpressible and glorious joy that comes from believing and loving Jesus. Discover what the Bible says is the seed of joy, what is needed to keep joy alive, and how you can abound in the fruit of joy.


Taking the Biblical truth of how to find and keep joy, and giving women the practical tools to make it happen, Katie will help you:


  • Grow closer to God Who is the ultimate source of joy.• Understand the central premise of joy—where it all starts. • Begin to have more joy in your own life. • Gain practical tools to grow in your walk with the Lord.


Trusting God in the Hardest Places  

Have you ever felt cheated in life? Have you ever felt like your life should have turned out better but somehow things just went the wrong way? Katie Hoffman felt this way, too. When she wondered why God allowed trials that she never planned for or wanted, He showed her that believing in His sovereignty and goodness is the key to overcoming self-pity.


These seventy reflections are filled with Biblical truth that will equip you to:


• Trust God with the details of your past and thank Him for the present.
• Believe God is good and wise even when things are painful and difficult.
• Let go of disappointment and regret and accept that God is doing an amazing work in your life.
• Embrace your present circumstances with thankfulness because God is in control.



Training Godly Character in Children

What will it take to raise kids who love God? Have you ever wondered how you can train your children so they want to obey? In this message, Katie reveals the biblical principles of raising kids to follow Christ. While no one can make perfect kids, it’s easy to have great kids who will bring you delight and not shame as they grow older. Learn how to develop godly character in your children, be an example for them to follow, and how a few simple, easy changes can make a huge difference in your children’s attitudes and actions.


You will learn:


*What the Bible says is key to raising kids who will not bring you shame as they grow older

*How to be an example for your children to follow

*Why character is key to preventing sibling rivalry, and how you can develop godly character in your children

*How to be connected to your children so they will want to do what you say, even as they grow up

*The very simple, very easy thing I do that completely changes the atmosphere of our home

*How changing one thing made a huge difference in the way my children treat me and others-which makes them much more attentive and respectful

*How to teach your children the most important thing they will ever learn-how to have a relationship with Jesus as their Savior


What attendees of Katie’s events have said:


“Katie has a genuine infectious joy for the Lord.”


“I learned how we are to love the Lord—I knew this but it  came alive by her testimony.”


“The entire message was very clear and easy to understand.  The speaker was wonderful. I learned about how I could better love  God and worship Him with everything I am.”


“Katie speaks very clear and is easy to follow along with.”


“She has a glow on her face. Jesus shows through.”



Thank you so much in your interest in having Katie come speak at your women’s event! Katie speaks at both local events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and is able to travel within the United States. Please email Katie at katiehoffmanorg [at] gmail.com to inquire about her availability on your specific event dates.


She travels from the DFW airport in Texas.


Local, one session events range from $150 to $350, depending on travel distance, audience size, and event budget. Because MOPS groups and other Mom groups work on a very tight budget, $75 is her average rate.


For all other events, please contact Katie for fee information.


Thank you so much!