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What is the Christian Life? (10 COPIES)


Product Description

What does it mean to be a Christian? How should a Christian live? In this concise book, these questions and more are answered, giving women a greater understanding about what the Christian life is like. Author Katie Hoffman reveals the power of the gospel to change hearts and lives.


*What it means to be saved
*How to follow God
*All that God has given you through Jesus
*How you can receive the greatest gift ever given
*How to not simply numb the pain in your life, but how to experience real joy
*How to receive full forgiveness from God for all your sin
*Why simply asking God for forgiveness of your sin is not enough
*How to be free from guilt before God
*What will actually matter in eternity
*Why community with others is part of God’s plan to help you grow as a Christian
*One of the best (and easiest) ways to develop close, godly Christian friends
*Why women often find happiness so fleeting
*The two gifts God gives believers to help and comfort them
*The difference between “Christians” who do and don’t want to please God
*The true cost of being a Christian


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