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The Joy of Living for Jesus (10 COPIES)


Product Description

Many Christian women in today’s society feel burdened and overwhelmed. Instead of living with joy, they struggle with feelings of frustration and emptiness. In “The Joy of Living for Jesus,” Katie answers the questions, “How can busy, overwhelmed women achieve enduring joy? What are the secrets of lasting, glorious, inexpressible joy?”

Transform your thinking and experience daily joy beyond what seems possible. The Bible speaks about multiple things a person can do “right”, actions a person can and should take, and wraps those actions up with a direct and specific promise of joy. That is absolutely fascinating. God specifically tells us in His Word exactly what actions, what accomplishments, what right things will result in joy.

Readers will learn:

• The central premise of joy—where it all starts.
• How you can have more joy in your own life.
• Practical tools to grow in your walk with the Lord.

Come join Katie as she invites you to live fully for Jesus—to go “all in” because we only have one life. And as you give yourself to following Christ in the specific ways the Bible reveals, you will find God gives you His joy in return.


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