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70 Reflections on Trusting God (10 COPIES)


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Have you ever felt stuck in what seems like a hopeless situation? Do you love God and yet feel discouraged with what is happening in your life? Katie Hoffman felt this way, too. When she wondered why God allowed trials that she never planned or wanted, He showed her that believing in His sovereignty and goodness is the key to trusting Him more fully.
The seventy reflections are filled with Biblical truth that will equip you to:

• Embrace your present circumstances with thankfulness.
• Trust God with the details of your past and thank Him for the present.
• Believe God is good and wise even when things are painful and difficult.
• Let go of disappointment and accept that God is doing an amazing work in your life.

*Each reflection begins with an applicable Bible verse and encouragement to help you find contentment in the place God has you. This book for Christian women can be used in a Bible study or for personal devotions. Topics include unanswered prayer, trusting God, and seeing His plan for your life despite how difficult things may be right now.



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