The Daily Reminders List to Keep Love Alive

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Daily Reminders List to Keep Love Alive


“Am I doing these things daily?”


  1. Being understanding? Giving my husband time and space to relax, to have his own hobbies and freedom?
  2. Keeping the house clean and serving my husband? Managing my home well, including diligently training and teaching our children?
  3. Speaking my appreciation of my husband and all he does, including complimenting him, at least 3 times a day?
  4. Not talking about money and other stressful subjects (unless absolutely necessary)?
  5. Being cheerful and sweet every time I see or talk to my husband?
  6. Being affectionate, hugging, kissing, and massaging him?
  7. Talking highly of him to others?
  8. Pleasing my husband with my appearance?
  9. Being reverent?
  10. Entrusting my husband to God, and knowing that God is on the throne even in the hard times? Being diligent in prayer?