Bringing Out the Best in Your Husband

Here is a great tip you can use today. This idea will teach you how to help your husband improve in some way. I’m not into changing your husband, but this will encourage your husband and help you keep a good attitude.

Here’s what you do:

Think of some area that you’d like to see your husband or children improve in. Next, think of something they already  do somewhat well related to that area. And finally, think of something you are thankful for about this issue.

Now, without saying a word of criticism, tell your husband what it is that he does well. Say it in such a way that he feels like you are really happy with him for this. Let him know how thankful you are. Now carefully observe how this weak area improves a bit each time you compliment him.

Here is a practical example of this tip. Let’s say a wife wants her husband to be more of a spiritual leader. She’s  persuaded him to read the Bible to the family a few times, but he doesn’t take the initiative himself.

Here is what she could say: “I want you to know that I am so blessed that you read the Bible to our family. I am very encouraged by the example you set every time you lead our family spiritually.”

Even though the husband may be weak in this area, the wife is highlighting what he has done right.

Complimenting a weaker area and encouraging it to grow is a bit challenging. It reminds me of when I’ve tried to grow plants in my kitchen. It’s so exciting when the seed sprouts, but as the little plant grows, I know that at  any time, it could begin to wither and die. It’s so fragile.

Encouraging a weak area is similar. You must avoid making any critical remarks about your husband’s weakness, and only express thankfulness for what is good. If you can learn to walk this fragile line, the results will be well worth it.

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